Bar de Pintxos y Vodka

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You walk through the door, and can’t take your eyes off the old vodka still that dominates the centre of the room. It’s as if you have stepped back into time or a movie set…… where am I? The expansive marble bar overflows with a beautiful array of Pintxos. Each one calling out, “pick me, pick me!”

Pintxos, what are Pintxos?

Naked for Satan emulates a typical Basque bar, you can have a bite to eat whilst you enjoy a glass of wine. These bites are known as Pintxos (pronounced Pinchos), typically finger food eaten in two or three bites. There is seafood, fish, vegetarian, vegan, duck, chicken, meat, and of course, jamon. Everyone is catered for. Each one is designed to pair well with your choice of boutique beers (which are exclusively brewed for us), cider, wine or even our house infused vodka!

How does it work?

Each Pintxos is skewered with a toothpick, you just go up to the bar and help yourself to whatever catches your eye.
As well as that, there are hot Pintxos floating around the room and one of our waiters will tempt you with them, like a flower tempts a bee.
When you’ve had your fill, collect your toothpicks, hand them to the bar staff, and they will tally your bill.

Naked for Satan opened in August 2010, and within 6 months was awarded Cheap Eats Best Bar of the Year.

Sunday – Thursday 12pm – 12am, Friday & Saturday 12pm – 1am

Sorry no bookings, just rock up.